Student Worship Team Information

Student Worship gives students with musical gifts and abilities the chance to learn and actually lead their piers in worship of God. Opportunities to run the A/V equipment is also available.

Program Description: 

  • For Students to use their God given gifts and abilities in worship of God

  • For Students to lead their piers in worship of God

Commitment Level:

  • Commit to attending monthly worship practices (Schedule set before Applications are Due)

  • Commit to playing when agreeing to be scheduled

  • Commit to putting in the needed practice

Personal Requirements:

  • Attender of High School Group (Sundays)

  • Willingness to learn and personally grow

  • Have a servants heart to serve others


  • To sing, play acoustic/electric/bass guitar, drums, keyboard or other instruments as needed

  • To plan and implement worship times for whole group