Student IMPACT Information

Program Description: 

  • For Students to learn Leadership Principles through a Biblical Lens

  • For Students to have leadership responsibility during the weekly High School Group meetings

  • For Students to have the opportunity to lead other students through events they plan

Commitment Level:

  • Commit to attending Meetings (Schedule set before Applications are Due)

  • Intention to go to a Leadership Conference/EFCA’s Challenge in the following Summer

Personal Requirements:

  • Attender of High School Group (Sundays)

  • Willingness to learn and personally grow

  • Have a servants heart to serve others


  • To serve in one of the following areas

    • Contact - behind the scenes writing postcards

    • Culture - be a friendly face, running check-in of regulars and guests, connecting guests to regulars

    • Capture - take pictures (when not participating) during group or events for decoration & memories

    • Communication - share announcements with group, help communicate schedule to group

  • To plan and implement service projects for whole group